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The development team

Project Guru has been designed by experts, pooling many years of project management and software development skill. The team is engaged in ongoing innovation in order to implement enhancements and updates to the product, keeping it on the cutting edge of the project management industry.

The design team is lead by:

Dr Andrew Holden (PMP): Design of the methodology and templates.

Dr Holden has 18 years of experience in consulting, project management and training, with exposure to a variety of multidisciplinary engineering projects. He is also the director of Classic Seminars.

Bruce Barrett: Design and development of the software application.

Bruce has 18 years experience in consulting and information technology. He is the director of Sapient Technologies.

Dr Andrew Holden (PMP) and software developer Bruce Barrett  created Project Guru Project management Software.

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Process flow diagram Guidelines for managing each step of a project. Templates.
The templates are supported by worked examples,
illustrating how to use them. The Library of information in Project Guru is part of the attention to detail that 
makes it a comprehensive toolset for project managers. Project management tips.
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