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Productive Time Management

14 Sep Productive Time Management

How many times do we end our day, wishing we could have been more productive or questioning ourselves about there being enough time to complete a certain tasks?



Below is a list of tips and insight, that will never make you hit that snooze button again!

We often ask ourselves, how do I get more organised?

Becoming more organised, isn’t a specific goal. You need to change the question and ask. What do I need to become more organised? What is the problem you are facing and what specific way is there to solve it?

  • Keep your keys and cell phone in a place, where you don’t have to search for it in the morning.
  • Commit to setting time aside to plan the week ahead.

What are the first steps to become more organised and productive?

  • Figure out how to use your time now!
  • Keep track of how you spending your time.

Once you know these factors, you are able to do things differently!

What is up with the feeling, of never getting enough done?

Fact is, there is always things we could be doing. The key factor to productivity is recognising that as humans we will never be able to get everything done. However, you are able to get the most important things done.

  • Set a number of priorities per day (celebrate when completed)

What is one important productivity that can get done and that makes a huge difference in getting people motivated, organised as well as increasing their output in a fulfilling way.

Don’t hit the snooze button! Why start your day, fighting with yourself.

Did you know? Getting enough sleep has incredible  productivity benefits.

N.B – Making better choices can help us start to achieve small successes, and small successes eventually add up to bigger successes. – Laura Vanderkam

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