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Interview questions for hiring a project manager

25 Nov Interview questions for hiring a project manager

We all know that hiring a project manager or a new member of the team can become extremely stressful. As you will never know if the person will deliver or get along with other team members and will that specific person make the right decision s for the team and the project, there are a lot of unknowns that could become scary. Yet below, Project Guru will guide you into asking the right questions…project manager

Interviewing a PM, for a position is something that doesn’t come easy. How do you know what to ask exactly and how can let the interviewee, show their true colours in such a short time?

Remember that asking standard questions drawn from the internet, does not necessarily get you the right candidate as they do research to give you the perfect answer…

Below are a few questions to ask when you recruiting a project manager!

  • What exactly do you want to work on?

This is always a good question as it allows you to see what the candidate will enjoy but also allow you to see if the candidate looks at the business needs and not just its own wants.

  • How would you rate a Project manager job as a career?

This will show you, if the candidate sees themselves excelling in the position they are applying for.

  • What  is the most important thing for project managers to do?

This indicates the candidate’s priority list and has sound knowledge of the role of a project manager.

  • What do you spend the most time on during the day?

This will show how they do their job…

  • How do you handle clients and sponsors?

This will allow you to see their people’s skills.

  • When last did you delegate and what happened?

This will help you see if they are honest and tell you about a time things went wrong and how they learned from their mistakes.

  • Speak to me about your most difficult or ethical decision you have made on a project…

This will make you see the candidates PMI code of ethics and their general working approach…

  • How have you improved PM processes at your current job?

This will see if they are creative and have ideas to move forward.

This is a few questions that will enable you to ask the right questions to your future Project Manager… Go ahead and find your next team member!

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