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Manage your Incoming work requests

28 Jun Manage your Incoming work requests

Finding the best way to manage your Incoming work requests:

Processing work, prioritizing as well as keeping track of the incoming work request can take a lot of effort, especially when these request come from so many channels.

Below we have highlighted the best ways to help bring order to your life and categorize the important form the least important tasks.manage

  1. Make sure all your requests are formally submitted:

Make it clear that all projects must be formally discussed in a meeting . then clearly map out the types of requests you will receive or that your team will receive and gather all the information needed to complete this specific task.

  1. Keep all your request in one place: 4

All new requests should automatically go to the assigned place such as an specific folder, make sure its prioritized and it can be easily tracked.

  1. Organise all your request that are coming in:

Keep your project organised, assign their priority as soon as they are submitted. Look at the importance and let your team know, its priority.

  1. Have a gatekeeper – Responsible for prioritizing incoming tasks

Whether you assign a team leader, Project manager or even a department head. It is important to have someone monitoring incoming tasks and requests. This person will also be incharge of keeping the team aligned as well as focused and keep reminding them what is important, without conflict or confusion.

  1. Sketch out incoming requests to strategic goals.

Virtual-AssistantHold monthly or weekly meetings to review the tasks goals, what the upcoming plans are and to ensure that tasks or requests they are prioritizing are actually going forth. Check on the resources, any questions and if there are any hiccups within the project.

How do you manage your incoming task or request. If you have any comments, suggestions or stories to tell. Do let us know!

Do you have a system in place? If not try usuing Write Requests, this system will keep all your work requests in one place and organised!


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