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Project execution and Control Management

28 Nov Project execution and Control Management

Project Management steps 3 and 4 are execution and control.

As a project is executed, inevitably, stuff comes up. Project Managers respond to changes in the business, the scope, the audience, or any number of other factors. Project Execution simply means that the tasks listed in the plan are accomplished in the way they were conceived. Good project controls ensures that this happens.

Status reports are a common way to control a project. At regular intervals or as milestones are achieved, status reports should be delivered to whoever is responsible for the ultimate success of the project.

It may be helpful to develop a standard template for a status report. Complex projects justify more in depth status reports than simple projects.

Closing a Projectrisk-management-steps

The last project management step is closing the project.

Projects should be formally closed by writing a summary of the project. With good documentation, writing the report shouldn’t be too time consuming, and it can be very beneficial. The report should include the following:

  • Notes on successful completion of each milestone.
    Changes in the scope of work
    The differences between the budgeted resources and the actual resources needed
    The impact of the project
    Lessons learned
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