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2016 Project Management Trends

02 Jun 2016 Project Management Trends

According to a study at Computerworld, it shows that 24% of companies have planned to hire more IT employees.

3D sphere with the word Project Management on white background.

What is the most valued skilled after programming and application development?

Project management!!!



Here is what to expect in the world of Project Management

Agile will continue to gain popularity within IT projects

Agile is extremely cost effective. This relies on organisation skills and appeals to human needs. Therefore, in order to become successful, it relies on constant communication and feedback.

Mobile collaboration will be “Tops”

Earlier in media reports, it was said that the work of a balanced work life is Dead, therefore the work life blending is better than ever. Therefore, you are moving with your workload this will include irregular hours.

Therefore, Project management software have grown.

Risk management is growing

Risk management becomes necessary in seeking out various opportunities. There are software to help identify various risks, yet you still need to identify the ability to identify the budget or even scope, to maintain your projects properly.

Cybersecurity is important

Yearly cyber-attacks are increasing. Make sure your project is secure.

Project management certification will become more popular

There are many young people struggling to find jobs and therefore turn to PMP and try to move forward in the project management field, yet what they don’t know is that it requires hard work but it also allows young workers to learn the knowledge of being in the field, attaining to networked opportunities and will be able to identify themselves form the competition.

Be sure to see PMP growing over the next few years. Becoming a more competitive field to get into.

If we have missed any trends, feel free to add a few. Like every great project manager, we never miss the opportunity to learn a few things!

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