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2017 Trends To Watch In Project Management

19 Jan 2017 Trends To Watch In Project Management

So another year and another set of challenges that lie ahead of us in the project management game. Lets be frank, it’s an ever-changing landscape and we must as much as possible try to stay on top of those changes. Trends are an important thing to be aware of and even though it’s difficult to forecast, we can do this by keeping an ear to the ground. There are a of of ways to stay ahead of the curve and we’re going to look at a few of those as we progress into 2017.

It is of vital importance that project managers learn how to take responsible for the project as a whole and keep tabs on every aspect. Gone are the days of simply doing your part and adopting a hands-off approach to the rest of the project. Be sure to keep an eye on the progress of the project as a whole and be aware of the minor details. Change management should become a part of your own portfolio as much as anyone else’s and paying attention to this can only place you in a better position for the future. Don’t be afraid to work on projects with other people this can be a fantastic way to learn and to trade ideas on the process and to enhance creativity when dealing with issues. Even if it’s simply asking for advice or participating in an open dialogue about industry trends. It could be invaluable.

Use information wisely. It’s impossible to remember each and every aspect of projects that have been successful or have failed miserably. This is where data comes in and it can be very useful when measuring the effects of certain actions in the project. Get some software that is able to track and measure member’s workloads and how effectively they can deal with them. If the estimates aren’t aligned, these programs can easily decipher that information to give you a clearer indication of were that time and money is going to. It’s not about relinquishing control, it’s about allowing technology to guide your hand. Make the right decisions for the team based on good information.

It would seem a fairy obvious inclusion in this article but in project management maintaining professionalism is paramount. The more growth that is experienced in the project management game the more difficult it becomes to make hard line decisions and to set them out. Project management is messy business and so when we decide to create a solid. measurable platform it becomes far easier to navigate the pitfalls. Again, do not pass over the notion of software as luxury or novelty. It will, in the short and long term be beneficial not only to you but to your clients.

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