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4 Apps That Will Make Managing Any Project A Whole Lot Easier

15 Feb 4 Apps That Will Make Managing Any Project A Whole Lot Easier

We all know how difficult it can be to juggle the numerous important tasks that it takes to complete a project to the best of our abilities. Whether it’s workflow, budget or costing or anything else for that matter. So we did some digging, and apparently, there are many apps that can be useful in managing a multitude of projects. Let’s remove some of the stresses that accompany the project management business so that we can begin to focus on the bigger picture.

1. Wunderlist

Yes, yes we know how many list apps there are and that there will always be a heated discussion as to which one is the best but hear us out here. It’s the personal touch of Wunderlist that puts it onto this list. This handy little app allows you to organise your entire life, not just your professional one and isn’t that kind of the point? When work spills into play and vice versa it is good to know that there’s an app that has your back.

2. Casual

Casual really is something else, and there aren’t many apps around that you take such absolute control over. It’s essentially a flow chart of your own design that marks each required action, so you never miss a beat. While your project is in progress, it gives you live updates of required actions and which tasks have already been completed. What’s cool about casual is that like the name suggests there is a free trial available so no harm, no foul.

3. Podio

Podio is a great app, but it does depend on the size of your team to be really useful. You see, if you have a medium to large size squad, things get a little complicated and Podio can certainly help with that. It comes equipped with both CRM and social intranet features which come in very handy when dealing with a large team or multiple tasks simultaneously. As with Casual, there is no obligation to buy, and it comes with a 2-week trial as well.

4. Asana

Asan was created by the same man who came up with the idea of ‘likes’ on Facebook and we think there is a lot to like about this app, too. It is probably one the most popular project management apps out there and is filled with useful features. Template design, for example, is up to the user and you can change it up to suit your needs. It also tracks your progress with a flow chart so you can see exactly what’s working and what needs work.


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