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How to project manage your project skills

04 Nov How to project manage your project skills

“Pretty much everything around you is a kind of a project”

How to become a ninja project manager?

It’s all and well listing your resources but these resources are not going to learn themselves. As soon as the project starts do the following:

What to do?

Set your Goals:


Like any project you need to set your goals and know what you want. Decide on what type of resources you are going to use and what the end goal will look like.

 Define your resources used:


Resources are free or reasonably, remember that the biggest investment and resource is your time. Remember the saying, if you want to go fast go alone but if you want to go far, go together”.

Therefore educate yourself, go to project management groups or classes etc. It’s just an idea.

Schedule your time:


Choose the resources you want, and schedule your day by breaking down the amount of time you will be spending on each aspect.

Go ahead and become your own Project Manager

Now you can start managing your project, you don’t have to wait for someone with a project management business card, to come do your job for you. Be in control!!!

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