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Phases within Project Management

04 Mar Phases within Project Management

The Five basics about Project Management!

According to media reports the Project management Institute have defined what project management is and as an application of knowledge, skills as well as tools and techniques to a broad range of activities which in order to meet the requirements of a particular project. The process of directing and controlling a project from the start to the finish and can be divided into five basic steps or phases.

  1. Project conception as well as initiationServices-Project-Management

This is an idea for a project that will be carefully examined, this is to determine whether or not it will benefit the organisation and during this phase a team decision will be made and will identify the project and if can be realistically completed.

  1. Project definition as well as planning

This phase is all about project planing, the project charter as well as the scope. You will need to outline the work that needs to be performed and during this phase the team should prioritize the project, calculate a budget as well as schedule and determine what resources are going to be needed.

  1. Project launching or execution

Resource tasks are distributed and the teams are informed of responsibilities, this is a great time to bring importance to project related information.

  1. Project performances as well as control

Project managers will usually compare projects statuses and the progress towards the actual plan and the resources performances for scheduled tasks. During this phase the project managers will need to adjust schedules to do what is necessary to keep the project on track.

  1. Project completion

After the project has been completed, the clients have to approve the outcome and evaluate what is necessary to highlight the project success and learn from the projects history.

 Projects as well as project manager’s processes will differ from industry to industry and these are more traditional of a project, the overarching goal is usually to offer a product, change a process or to solve a problem this is in order to benefit the company.

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