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Planning your first project manager project

15 Apr Planning your first project manager project

Increase your chances of becoming a successful project manager by planning for these components of a project or task.

Despite all the downfalls, the ability to successfully manage a project and take the risk of taking failed projects and making it work can and will benefit your career.

Below are some of the basics in facing your first project and making a success of it.


Choose people who are good at working within a team because even a great contributor can sink your project If they are not cooperative and if they are hard to get along with.


The tools for a successful project is extremely important, no matter the industry or project. All tools should be in the correct place before you start with a task. With that said, make sure staff has the correct training or experience.

Business objective

Define your project before you start and set your project goals on which everyone agrees on.


Securing you supporters is important. Stakeholders are able to assist you in ensuring that all tasks on the users side are completed.

Metrics, checkpoints and monitoring conditions

The goals set for completing and quality must be on point. Project managers need to check the metrics as this can easily be developed to measure and to devices on a project. At the same time, a project team leaders should look for important indicators that can’t be logged into some project tracking software.

To  be able to do this, the project manager or leader should actively as well as  regularly interact with staff to check on their confidence levels and on the project. They should take note of  any signs of hesitance, slippages or even political issues that could be holding up their progress.

Other obvious tasks are communication with your team as well as contingency planning.

Go out and make the best of your first project. For comments or suggestion feel free to pop us a message.

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