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PM Mistakes that can get you sued!

20 Jan PM Mistakes that can get you sued!

Highlighting – PM Mistakes that can get you sued!

Independent PMs online reputation is everything, the last thing on your mind will be getting sued.

If you are offering PM services through a third party, and they are paying you, then you will be covered by the organization but if you are not, then your own liability insurance will get you covered.

Yet the negative suggestion of being a party and in a lawsuit can be enough to create harm to your practice.

Remember that there are many ways to get yourself into a situation and get sued as a project manager, therefore this wants to be avoided.

Let’s highlight a few mistakes that can occur:

  • Providing unusable end solutions.
  • Misrepresenting your credentials and experiences within the practice
  • Leaking or exposing proprietary client information to a competitor
  • Not following your commitments through
  • Failing to cover your basis – eg. Signoffs/approvals
  • Failed to document the requirements well
  • Summaries your work
  • Call for inputs

What are your thoughts on the following facts stated, have your company ever faced a lawsuit? What happened, share and educate!

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