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Steps to become a successful leader-delegator!

25 Jan Steps to become a successful leader-delegator!

The title represents what is being asked in the professional world – Leader Delegator

When looking at time and productivity, there are too many factors invading our lives, as we are always bombarded by connection and what the happenings around us.


Your focus has shifted and gone in another direction. Therefore if time management is dead, what has taken its place… the answer is discipline.

Self-discipline comes in various form, such as:

  • Perseverance
  • Restraint
  • Endurance
  • Think before you act
  • Finish what you started

This will allow you to carry out decisions as well plans this is in spite of any inconvenience, hardships and obstacles.

This is one way to define a leader delegator and how to live up to it. To become more successful, embrace the following facts:

  • Do introspection into who you are and identify your strengths as well as your weaknesses.
  • Know that that only factors you can control is activities and tasks.
  • Make use of productivity matrix and determine what is urgent and what is important.
  • Place emphasis on a productive thinking model, as this will be a basis for you to delegate better.
  • Train your team to be a team
  • Know your productivity cycle of your team and who is involved in different parts of the project.
  • Do not take anyone’s nonsense
  • Develop a delegation plan
  • Create remembering notes
  • Build and develop your delegation skills

Did you know that there are many leader delegator masters out there and time management hasn’t really changed over the years but the skills to survive and make a success have.

The best place to start and to become a leader delegation master is by making productive choices and then building your skills needed to become the master in delegating.

Go on and become that Leader in Delegation!

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