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Tips From CEOs: How To Become A World Class Project Manager

20 Mar Tips From CEOs: How To Become A World Class Project Manager

Everyone involved in managing a project knows that there are a variety of aspects that need attention if one is to become a great project manager. You need to be able to get the best out of people as well as working in tandem with them to achieve the best results. In order to get a handle on any situation, it’s also important to involve yourself in a host of different projects. Let’s have a look at some of the most important skills to develop and tips to help you learn them.

Be Empathetic

Justin Grey is the CEO of LeadMD and he is one of a host of other CEOs who believes that empathy is perhaps the most valuable tool for a consumer-facing position. “As project management serves two masters, the customer and the internal team, an empathetic mindset is all the more critical,” Gray adds, “If you can see something from someone else’s perspective, you will do everything better—time management, expectation setting, logistics—everything.”

Know Your Subject Intimately

Ethan T. Schmidt is CTO at, and he believes that is essential that even if you don’t know the exact ins and outs of the plan you mean to implement, that you learn them as soon as possible. By doing this, you give yourself the opportunity to stick and twist if there needs to be a change. “Of course, not everyone is an absolute expert as soon as they start a project, but the best take the time to learn during the initiation and planning phases,” said Schmidt.

Be A Better Communicator

The best project managers are those who are able to articulate clearly, and with a high level of emotional intelligence, exactly what they require from those around them. “They are efficient in their communications—they say a lot in few words, and are clear and concise,” says Leeyen Rogers, JotForm’s Marketing VP. “They do not need to hold 30-minute meetings when they could communicate the same thing with a well thought-out email.”

When you speak from the heart, and you speak honestly, you immediately give an impression that you are in control and that you know what you are doing. Set the right goals, ensure the questions that you ask are relevant and that they move the project forward in some way. This applies to everyone who you come into contact with regarding the project and probably one of the most pertinent tips on the list.

Become More Tech Savvy

It may seem like an obvious one in 2017, but that doesn’t make it any less important. This is especially true of the project management sector where there are now numerous technologies being developed that make everything that much easier. NectarOM’s CEO, Amrit Kirpalani, believes that a project manager be ” an effective conduit between programmers/developers and non-tech team members, and can communicate effectively between these departments to work rapidly toward bringing the various components of a project to completion.”

Empowering Your Team & Those Attached To The Project

Easily overlooked sometimes in the heat of a busy project is the ability to motivate your team and make them feel valued and competent. If you can create an environment whereby people feel like they are essential to the success of the project the chances are that will step up to the plate for you when it comes to crunch time. Co-founder and COO of Noetic Marketeer has seen the direct benefits of empowering team members in this fashion.  “Your employees feel important and feel they are working on something of value,” Tovar said. “They may have amazing ideas, and by empowering them they might be more confident about their ideas,” he added.

Have A Clear Strategy

The skill set necessary to effectively manage a project are no different from those needed in order to run an organisation, says COO of Scrollmotion, Doug Pierce. “Most people assume the key to being a great Project Manager is excellent attention to detail, and while that’s important, the ability of a project manager to see the bigger picture of what problem the project is solving is vital.” This makes a lot of sense when you consider that any project manager worth their salt is able to see the bigger picture as well as paying attention to the finer points of the operation.

We will be bringing more tips and advice on how to become an effective and successful project manager.

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