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PM trends for 2016

21 Jan PM trends for 2016

Trends 2016- The Year have just started and now its time

teamwork trends

to think about 2016 and what it will bring you as a project manager.

In this ever changing industry, project managers and their teams need to stay ahead of the game and get to know the latest trends and changes within this sector.

Below is our predication of what can be expected!

The IoT/ big data

IoT was trending in 2015 and continues to do so in 2016.

As the Internet of things (IoT) expands, your duties as the project manager will get more important as it will have the necessary skills to control and handle challenges of integrating it into existing systems as well as handle all the data it creates.

Increase your emphasis on mobility

More and more project teams are working remotely and it continues to grow and wont be slowing down any time soon. The increasing use of technology within teams, such as the use of cloud tools, has enabled your team to work together even if they are not physically together.

Project management can expect an increase in web based as well as mobile applications to increase within 2016.

More certified PMS

As you can see the demand for qualified PMS have increase as there are more jobs advertising ads and the requirements for a certified PM.

Increased Swiftness and flexibility

Swiftness has been a trend for  years now and in 2016 it will become more popular.

Teamwork plays an important role! 

In 2016, stakeholders and clients will be more involved in projects, from the start till the implementation of a project.

Your duty as a project manager will be to assure that your team is knowledgeable and is keeping stakeholders up to date with project progression.

Now that you know what the latest trends are for PMs in 2016, you can make up your own list of 2016, PM New year’s resolution!



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